Tournament Schedule

In order for a club to be eligible to compete in any Michigan event listed on this web site, clubs must have completed the registration process as outlined on the Join AAU & MJVBA page.

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A list of Tournament Directors will be emailed to all registered clubs.

All 2 day events that have a direct link to Advanced Event Systems, registration must be done on AES.

Click here to see all event hosts tournament information.

For tournament information and playing venues for each event click on Sites and Maps. There is also a link on the top and bottom of all web pages for sites and maps.

MJVBA Championships/AAU Grand Prix Eligibility:

Only Michigan, Canadian and Indiana teams may compete in the MJVBA Championships/AAU GrandPrix event. In order to compete in this event each team must compete in either

  • 1 of the AAU/MJVBA power leagues listed on this page, or
  • 2 of the 2 day events listed on this page, or 
  • 3 of the one day events listed on this page

The events listed on this page are the only events in Michigan that are licensed  and insured by AAU  All clubs and participants must have current AAU membership to compete in these events.

Power Leagues

Lake Erie Club Winter Power League 2023

DatesHostAgesEntry Deadline
Jan 14, 28; Feb 4, 25
Jan 7, 21; Feb 4, 11MEVBA15-1812/30

Lake Michigan Club Winter Power League 2023

DatesHostAgesEntry Deadline
Jan 7, 28; Feb 11, 25Lake Michigan Power Leagues12-141/2
Jan 8, 21; Feb 4, 226Lake Michigan Power Leagues15-181/2

Lake Michigan Open Power League 2023

DatesHostAgesEntry Deadline
Jan 7 & 8; Feb 4 & 5; Feb 25 & 26Lake Michigan Power Leagues14/13 Open, 16/15 Open, 18/17 Open1/2

Lakeshore Club Power League 2023

DatesHostAgesEntry Deadline
Jan 14, 28; Feb 11, 25MVA12-1412/24
Jan 15, 29; Feb 12, 26

Michiana Open Power League 2023

DatesHostAgesEntry Deadline
Jan 7 & 8; Jan 21 & 22, Feb 25 & 26MVA14, 16, 1812/17

Mid-Michigan Local Power League

DateHostAgesEntry Deadline
1/21; 2/5; 3/11Attack VBC14-12
1/22; 2/4; 3/12Attack VBC16/15

Spring Lake Erie Club Power League 2023

DatesHostAgesEntry Deadline
March 18; April 1,15; May 6MEVBA12-183/10

Spring Lake Michigan Club Power League 2023

Dates HostAgesEntry Deadline
April 15: May 6, 20

Lake Michigan Power Leagues12-14
April 15; May 7, 21Lake Michigan Power Leagues15-18

One Day Events

2023 One Day Tournaments

Updated 4/6/23

The events listed on this page are currently the only AAU licensed events in Michigan. Events will be added as soon as AAU license is acquired
12/10Lansing / Ballistic 18,17,16
12/11Lansing / Ballistic 14,13
1/7Mt. Morrismany14, 13, 12
1/7West Branch14
1/8Brighton / L218/17, 16/15
1/8Mt. Morrismany16,15
1/8West Branch216
1/14Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
1/14Flushing Area418/17
1/14Lansing / Ballistic16,15
1/14 Mt. Morrismany14, 13, 12, 10
1/14Mt Pleasant18-13
1/14St Clair12
1/14 West Bloomfield / Team Detroit16/15,14/13,12
1/14West Branch214
1/15Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
1/15Lansing / Ballistic12,11,10
1/15Mt. Morrismany16/15, 14, 13
1/15West Branch216
1/20Mt. Morris5:30pm startmany10
1/21Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
1/21Flushing Area414, 13
1/21Mt. Morrismany18,17,16,15,12
1/21South Lyon312
1/21St Clair14/13
1/21West Bloomfield / Team Detroit16/15,14/13,12
1/21West Branch214
1/22Ann Arbor Area / HVVC212
1/22Brighton / L214/13, 12
1/22Mt. Morrismany16,15, 12
1/22West Branch218/17
1/27Lansing Area/Attack6pm-8:30pm10
1/28Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
1/28Flushing Area416/15
1/28Mt. Morrismany14,13,12,10
1/28St Clair12
1/28Sturgis 14/13
1/28West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/15,14/13,12
1/28West Branch216
1/29Ann Arbor Area / HVVC412
1/29Brighton / L218/17 16,15
1/29Mt. Morris318,17,12
1/29Pontiac18/17,16/15, 12
1/29Schoolcraft College14/13
1/29West Branch218/17
2/4Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
2/4Brighton, Howell / Top Gun16/15
2/4Flushing Area416, 15
2/4Lansing / Ballistic14,13
2/4Mt. Morrismany14,13,10
2/4St Clair14/13
2/4West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/15,14/13,12
2/4West Branch214
2/5Ann Arbor Area / HVVC10am-2pm3
2/5Brighton /L216/15, 14/13
2/5Brighton, Howell / Top Gun14/13
2/5Lansing / Ballistic18,17,16
2/5Mt. Morrismany18,17,12
2/5Pontiac18/17, 14/13, 12
2/5Schoolcraft College16/15
2/5West Branch216
2/10Lansing Area / Attack VBC6pm-8:30pm10
2/10Mt Morris5:30pm startmany10
2/10Schoolcraft College6pm-9pm10
2/11Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
2/11Brighton, Howell / Top Gun412
2/11Flushing Area412
2/11Lansing / Ballistic415,14
2/11Mt. Morrismany14,13,10
2/11South Lyon314/13
2/11St Clair12
2/11West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/15,14/13,12
2/11West Branch218/17
2/12Ann Arbor Area / HVVC212
2/12Brighton, Howell / Top Gun18/17
2/12Lansing / Ballistic12,11,10
2/12Mt. Morrismany18,17, 16,15,14,13
2/12Schoolcraft College18/17, 16/15, 12
2/12West Branch214
2/18Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
2/18Flushing Area416/15
2/18Lansing Area / Attack VBC
Presidents Day Slam
2/18Mt. Morrismany14,13,12,10
2/18West Branch14
2/19Ann Arbor Area / HVVC10am-2pm310
2/19Brighton / L218/17, 14/13
2/19Mt. Morrismany18,17,12
2/19West Branch216
2/24Flushing Area10
2/24Lansing Area /Attack VBC6pm-8:30pm10
2/24Schoolcraft College6pm-9pm10
2/25Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
2/25Brighton, February Freeze / L214,13,12
2/25Brighton, Howell / Top Gun14/13
2/25Flushing Area14,13
2/25Mt. Morrismany18,17,12
2/25Saginaw Area12,10
2/25St Clair14/13
2/25West Bloomfield / Team Detroit16,15,14,1312
2/25West Branch216
2/26Ann Arbor Area / HVVC212
2/26Brighton / L218/17, 16/15
2/26Brighton, Howell / Top Gun16/15
2/26Mt Morris16,15
2/26Saginaw Area14,13
2/26West Branch218
3/4Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
3/4Flushing Area414,13
3/4Lansing / Ballistic16,15
3/4Mt Morrismany16,15,12,10
3/4St Clair12
3/4West Branch214
3/5Ann Arbor / HVVC10am-2;00pm310
3/5Battle Creek / Midwest Select14,13
3/5Lansing / Ballistic14,13
35Mt. Morrismany18,17,16,15
3/5West Branch218/17
3/11Ann Arbor Area / HVVC212
3/11Brighton, Howell / Top Gun16/15
3/11Flushing Area412
3/11Mt. Morrismany14,13, 10
3/11Saginaw Area12/11
3/11South Lyon312
3/11St Clair14/13
3/11West Branch216
3/12Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
3/12Brighton, Howell / Top Gun14/13
3/12Coldwater 16
3/12Mt Morris18,17,16,15
3/12Saginaw Area16,15
3/12West Branch218/17
3/18Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
3/18Mt. Morrismany12,10
3/18St Clair12
3/18U of M Dearborn14/13,12
3/18Waterford / High Performance VBA15,14,13
3/18West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18,17,16,15,14/13
3/19Ann Arbor Area / HVVC212
3/19Mt. Morrismany14,13,12
3/19Schoolcraft 18/17, 14/13, 12
3/19U of M Dearborn18/17,16/15
3/25Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
3/25Mt. Morrismany18,17,14,13,10
3/25MVA Spring Challengemany12-18
3/25Schoolcraft College18/17
3/25Waterford / High Performance VBA17,16
3/25West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/15,14/13,12
3/26Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
3/26Mt. Morris16,15,14,13,12
3/26Schoolcraft College 16/15
3/31Schoolcraft College6pm-9pm10
4/1Ann Arbor Area / HVVC212
4/1Mt. Morrismany16,15,14,13,12
4/1Schoolcraft College 18
4/1U of M Dearborn14/13,12,10
4/1Waterford / High Performance VBA14,13,12
4/1West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17,16,1514,13,12
4/2Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
4/2Mt Morrismany18,17
4/2Schoolcraft College14/13
4/2Siena Heights University14,13,12
4/2U of M Dearborn18/17,16/15
4/7Schoolcraft College6pm-9pm10
4/8Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
4/8Battle Creek / Redline 16, 14, 12
4/8Lansing / Ballistic6,15,14,13
4/8Mt. Morrismany16,15,14,13,12,10
4/8Schoolcraft College18/17
4/14Schoolcraft College6pm-9pm10
4/15Ann Arbor / HVVC214
4/15Battle Creek / Redline16,14,12
4/15Brighton, Howell / Top Gun14,12
4/15Lansing / Ballistic17,16,15
4/15Mt. Morrismany14,13
4/15Schoolcraft College 18,16,12
4/15Siena Heights University14,13,12
4/15South Lyon14/13
4/15U of M Dearborn14/13,12,10
4/15West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17,16/15,14/13,12
4/16Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
4/16Battle Creek / Midwest Select16/15,14/13,12
4/16Brighton, Howell / Top Gun18/17
4/16Mt Morrismamy16,15,12,10
4/16Pontiac18/17, 14/13, 12
4/16Siena Heights University16/15,14/13
4/16Schoolcraft College 16/15
4/16U of M Dearborn18/17,16/15
4/21Mt Morris10
4/21Pontiac 6pm-9pm10
4/22Adrian College8/17, 16/15,12,10
4/22Ann Arbor Area / HVVC216
4/22Flushing Area16,15
4/22Mt. Morrismany14,13,10
4/22Saginaw Area12
4/22West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/15,14,13,12
4/23Adrain College16/15,10
4/23Ann Arbor Area / HVVC12
4/23Battle Creek /Redline16, 14, 12
4/23Mt. Morrismany18,17,12
4/23Saginaw Area18/17
4/28Mt Morris10
4/29Adrian College18/17, 16/15,12,10
4/29Ann Arbor / HVVC214
4/29Brighton, Howell / Top Gun14,13
4/29Flushing Area414,13
4/29Mt Morrismany16,15,12,10
4/29U of M Dearborn14/13,12
4/29West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/15,14/13,12
4/30Ann Arbor Area / HVVC10am-2pm310
4/30Brighton, Howell / Top Gun16,15
4/30Mt Morrismany18,17, 16/15
4/30Schoolcraft College 14/13
4/30U of M Dearborn18/17,16/15
5/6Ann Arbor Ara / HVVC216
5/6Brighton / L2616/15, 14/13
5/6Brighton, Howell / Top Gun16,15
5/6Flushing Area16,15
5/6Mt. Morrismany14,13,12, 10
5/6MVA Big Blue Bash12-14
5/6South Lyon318/17
5/6Waterford / High Performance VBA15,14
5/6West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/15,14/13,12
5/7Ann Arbor Area / HVVC212
5/7Brighton, Howell / Top Gun14,13
5/7Mt Morrismany18,17,12
5/7Schoolcraft College18/17,16/15.12
5/7South Lyon316/15
5/12Mt Morris10
5/13Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
5/13Flushing Area14,13
5/13Lansing / Ballistic 12,11,10
5/13Milford12/11, 14/13
5/13Mt. Morrismany16,15,12,10
5/13Mt Pleasant13-18
5/13Siena Heights University14.13,12
5/13South Lyon314/13
5/13U of M Dearborn14/13,12
5/13West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/q5,14/13
5/14Ann Arbor Area / HVVC10m-2pm310
5/14Battle Creek / Midwest Select16/15, 14/13,12
5/14Lansing / Ballistic14,13
5/14Mt Morrismany18,17,16,15
5/14Siena Heights University17/16,15/14
5/14South Lyon316/15
5/14U of M Dearborn18/17,16/15
5/19Mt Morris10
5/20Ann Arbor Area / HVVC16
5/20Brighton, Howell / Top Gun14,13
5/20Saginaw Area12
5/20Lansing / Ballistic14,13
5/20Mt. Morris14/13.12,10
5/20South Lyon314/13
5/20U of M Dearborn14/13,12
5/20Waterford / High Performance VBA15,14,13
5/20West Bloomfield / Team Detroit18/17, 16/15,14/13,12
5/21Ann Arbor Area / HVVC212
5/21Battle Creek / Redline16, 14, 12
5/21Brighton, Howell / Top Gun16,15
5/21Lansing / Ballistic12.11.10
5/21Mt. Morris18,17
5/21Saginaw Area14,13
5/21South Lyon312
5/21U of M Dearborn18/17,16/15
5/27Ann Arbor Area / HVVC214
5/27Lansing / Ballistic16,15
5/27Mt. Morris18,17,16,15,14,13,12
5/27Siena Heights University16/15,14/13
5/28Ann Arbor Area / HVVC10am-2pm310
5/28Lansing / Ballistic18
5/28Siena Heights University14,13,12
6/3 & 4MJVBA Association Championships/AAU Grand Prix
18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 All Divisions

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