Tournament Information

Eligibility to Compete

Each week the list of clubs eligible to compete in MJVBA events will updated. Only clubs deemed eligible to compete on the list may compete in tournaments.

To be eligible to compete in tournaments clubS must

  1. Have a  current National AAU Club Membership
  2. All athletes and non-athletes must have current AAU Memberships

Click here to view a list of eligible clubs.

Clubs may enter tournaments after completing steps 1 –  but must complete all steps  prior to the tournament date.

Tournament Directors may only allow clubs who have completed both steps to participate in their event.

One unregistered person or club makes the event non-sanctioned and thus voids all insurance.

Facility Care

  1. NO outside food or drink other than #2
  2. PLAYERS may bring sack lunch in their bags.
  3. NO Team Tables
  4. NO Coolers allowed.
  5. Water only allowed  inside all playing areas.
  6. Electrical  outlets may not be used.
  7. Smoking is not allowed inside or on the grounds of any facility.
  8. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  9. SeatingAlthough some seating is provided spectators may also want bring non-marking chairs

Grand Prix and Super Regional Tournaments

Michigan Grand Prix and Super Regional Tournaments: Lakeshore Volleyfest, MJVBA Championships, Motor City Madness, Presidents Day Challenge, 

Grand Prix and Super Regional Tournaments are National AAU Events, Licensed by AAU.

Michigan Policy for winners: Winners in the up to 4 divisions per age will have all or part of their fee waived for AAU Nationals, The West Coast Championships or The Volleyball Festival. Reimbursement will be a sliding scale based on 12 teams in each age group or an average of 12 per division per age.

If the first place team has already won a free entry OR does not accept the free entry, the free entry will go to the second place team.  If a team wins 3 different AAU Grand Prix / AAU Super Regional Tournaments, the team may accept one free entry for each of the 3 listed events.

This is a team award and may only be claimed by the winning team,

All teams must still enter the event of their choice by the entry deadline, regardless of the date of the Grand Prix or Super Regional. To receive the free/partial entry,  winners have to be registered for and compete in the event of their choice in a division equal or lower then one competing in the Grand Prix or Super Regional.  (No sandbagging)

Lakeshore Volleyfest and MJVBA Championships,

If the first place team accepts the free entry then the tournament will pay 50% of the entry into one of the 3 AAU events lined above to the second place teams in each open age division. In order for the second place teams  to collect their reimbursement the team must be registered and compete in  the AAU event chosen from the 3 eligble events listed above.

Sliding scale.

MJVBA Championships AAU Grand Prix Tournament Qualifications

  • Only Michigan, Canadian and Indiana teams may compete in the MJVBA Championships/AAU Grand Prix event. Teams must have completed all the AAU/MJVBA registration steps.
  • In addition to meeting all of the eligible to compete regulations listed above teams must also meet the regulations below.
  • 18’s-12s must compete in compete in one of the Power Leagues  listed MJVBA/AAU Tournaments or  Two 2 day  events listed on MJVBA/AAU Tournaments  or  three of the one day events listed on MJVBA/AAU Tournaments
  • 12 non-elite teams one day event will be in the Lansing Area  hosted by Attack VBC on Saturday
  • 12 Open, Premier and Club  2 day event will be on Saturday and Sunday in Grand Rapids.


Teams officiate, line & score at most MJVBA events.
Tournament directors will impose a $100.00 fine for each officiating assignment you miss or delay. Check with your site director before leaving. 

Rules for one Day Events and Power leagues

USA Rules
Have you purchased your rule book yet? There is a difference between HS & USA rules. AAU plays by USAV rules. If you do not already have a rule book go to & you can view & download a rule book or you can order a rule book on-line.

MJVBA Modifications

  1. Libero needs to have a contrasting color jersey or sports vest.
  2. Teams may play with only 5 players – every effort should be made to avoid forcing a team to dropping due to lack of players.  However, if a team plays with 5 players, they must use a “ghost”  player.  The ghost may start in any position in the service order.
  3. Libero is allowed to serve, in only 1 position in the service order (same as National Federation / HS rule). This action needs to be tracked by the scorekeeper & libero tracker.
  4. For ages 12 & younger “youth” VB allows boys & girls to play in regular season events only.
  5. AAU tournaments are NOT required to use “match play” (2 out of 3).  Pool play may consist of only two sets with no deciding set.
  6. A point cap may NOT be used in any tournament.

Click here for a comparison sheet of the rule differences between NCAA (collegiate), USAV (USA Volleyball), NFHS (high School).

MJVBA 10 & Under Rules
USA Volleyball Rules with the following exceptions for 10 & under’s:

  1. Court size shall be 6m x 6m on each side (instead of 9×9).
    Rationale: Players in a smaller space will be more likely to have success moving to, and contacting the ball.
  2. Net Height shall be standard women’s height (7’4 1/4 “).
    Rationale: The intent is to have the ball clear the net at a higher point than 7′ (used by the 12&under’s) in order to allow the receiving team to have more time to move and play the ball.
  3. Players on court shall be 4 (instead of 6).
    Rationale: Fewer players on the court means that every player needs to contact the ball more often. It also is easier for a club to field a 4 player team rather than a 6 player team.
  4. Ball shall be the Volley-Lite or equivalent.
  5. The Libero rule shall NOT be in effect.
    Rationale: Young players need to learn to play all aspects of the game before specializing. A good Libero could dominate the game at this level.
  6. All non-deciding games shall be 18 points (starting at 7-7, ending at 25).
  7. All deciding games shall be 11 points (starting at 4-4, ending at 15).
  8. No player may serve more than 5 points in a row. After the 5th point in a row, there will be an automatic side-out (with NO point awarded) and the opponent will resume serving.
    Rationale: It isn’t very much fun for either team to stand around and watch one player dominate the game from the service line.


One person practicing good sportsmanship is far better than 50 others preaching it. — Knute K. Rockne

No Victory is worth the sacrifice of Ideals – Unknown

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated from coaches, players or fans. Remember, these are only kids officiating. Any display of unsportsmanlike conduct will result in your team/club being removed from the tournament and sanctioned by MJVBA.
  • Some teams/clubs have been banned from returning to certain tournaments because of bad behavior. Remember news travels fast.
  • Unfortunately we have had situations go as far as to have restraining orders issued against individuals.
  • Remember it is the kids who get hurt in the long run.

Tournament Check-in Procedure

  • Teams must turn in either an AAU Generated Roster or an AAU Imported to AES Roster.
  • Tournament directors will keep your AAU roster.
  • Birth certificates will not be required at check-in.
  • If you have athletes playing under the MJVBA age modifications for 14,13 or 12’s check for the additional required paper work on the age definitions page.

Tournament Entry Forms Fees & Procedures

Tournament Formats

  • All regular season one day tournaments will start at 9:00am unless otherwise noted on the tournament schedule page.
  • All regular season one day tournaments will be a maximum of four teams per court. Teams will be guaranteed 4 matches.
  • All tournaments will provide teams with a minimum of 8 games (25 point rally score games).
  • Warm-up balls & game balls are NOT provided by host site. Teams select one of their volleyballs  for a game ball.
  • Teams may request a change in level or  age for an event prior to the deadline date (a change is not guaranteed).

Tournament Refund Policy

  • MJVBA has a no refund Policy for entry cancellations. Some teams have entered tournaments just to save a spot and then cancel out of the tournament at the last minute not only taking the spot away from a team who would have attended but also creating a nightmare for the tournament director. This policy has virtually eliminated this situation.
  • Of course there could be unforeseen circumstances that would warrant a refund.
  • Money will be refunded if you are turned away due to event being full or cancelled.

Tournament Schedule

Please visit our tournament schedule page.


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