MJVBA Eligibility Instructions and Check List

  • Read instructions for all five steps before beginning the registration process. When registering make sure steps are completed in order and exactly as directions specify.
  • After reading the through the steps  below if you have any questions contact MJVBA.
  • New Clubs in order to avoid duplication of Club Names, send your club name to MJVBA for approval prior to registration.
  • Click here for a list of MJVBA registered clubs.
  • In order for a club to be eligible to compete in any Michigan AAU/MJVBA tournaments, Clubs must have completed Steps 1 (Club Code), Step 2 (MJVBA Club ID), Step 4 Individual AAU Memberships.
  • Click to view the clubs eligible to compete check list.
  • Check the MJVBA age eligibilities for your athletes.
  • If you are going to AAU Nationals you will have to adhere to the age divisions listed on
  • Completing all steps is not an automatic pass to play in events. Each team must present an AAU generated roster at each event or an AES Roster Imported from the AAU Website.

Club Directors Follow Steps 1-4

Club and non-athlete memberships are no longer renewable. All non-athlete applications will have an automatic background check. Please allow 10 days for membership to be processed.
Printable Instructions

Step 1: National AAU Individual and Club Membership

  1. Register the club director and all contacts with  the National AAU.
  2. Club Director and all club contacts  must have a current AAU individual membership before applying for a club membership.
  3. Register your Club with the National AAU. After receiving your National AAU club code make sure you log onto your AAU account   and associate  your individual membership with your club.
    1. Level 1 is for incorporated or unincorporated clubs. This is the membership all clubs had in the past. Cost is $30.00. Forms may be completed on-line or by US Mail.
    2. Level 2 is for incorporated or unincorporated clubs. Tournament host must register at this Level. Cost $60.00 (tournament cohost register at level 1). Forms may be completed on-line or by US Mail.
    3. Level 3 is only for unincorporated clubs and has the same benefits as Level 1 and Level 2. In addition the Club can become a subordinate under the AAU’s Group exemption program, making the entity a tax-exempt organization. Cost is $300.00. Level 3 application can only be completed on-line.


  • No Club, incorporated or unincorporated, may use the name AAU or any derivative thereof in its Club’s legal name.
  • Complete Step 1 before proceeding to Step 2 below. Instructions are on the left side of this page. When Step 1 is completed proceed immediately to Step 2.

Step 2: MJVBA Club Membership

Register your club with MJVBA.

Step 3: Club Verification of Insurance Certificate

Click here to obtain your clubs verification of insurance certificates

Obtain 3rd Party Insurance Certificates for your practice facilities .

  • Go to
  • Log onto your account.
  • 2019 Clubs  you may renew and print insurance certificates.
  • New Clubs you may request and print insurance certificates.

Step 4A: Individual Memberships National AAU

  • Go to
  • Register all athletes and non-athletes with the National AAU.
  • Before beginning this process make sure you have your current National AAU club code to enter on all athlete and non-athlete individual membership cards. Your National AAU club code the one you received when completing Step 1
  • 2019 Clubs you may renew your athletes from last season, click on the printable instruction link above for details.
  • When checking out make sure to enter a valid email address.

Every person in your club must be an AAU member to participate in a try-out, practice or compete for in AAU event.

Step 4B: Individual Memberships MJVBA

  • Register all athletes with MJVBA  (Not active at this time)


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